Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wooo blog award!

Posted by Micah at 8:41 AM
I'd like to thank Kathy (and her little dog too, *cackle*) at Lucky Stamper, for awarding me with...

According to the guidelines I need to nominate five people and tell you all three things that make me different from everyone else. Hmm.

Let's see.


I'm pretty sure that anything I say there will be a couple thousand people who respond, "oh hey, me too!" so I'll just list three things that make me different from the few ladies I spend time with offline.

1. I like to do costume design and creation, though I haven't since my first was old enough to do more than drool. Babies and expensive fabrics don't mix. Most of my "customers" were LARPers or folks from the SCA. Now and then I'll get a request for information on a custom fit corset from someone who does neither of the aforementioned tasks. Probably for a nice dress they already have, right? *grin*

2. I love to cook... more than bake. I mean, I love the results of the baking (mmmm, Sweet Maries this Christmas, yes please!) but cooking is more forgiving and allows for spontaneous changes. Baking requires more preparation if you're going to change the recipe. Maybe I'll share some of my favorite recipes this holiday season!

3. I don't suffer fools. Not even lightly. Uneducated is not the same is ignorant. People who, for example, roll their eyes at a customer and give off the "there, there, don't worry your pretty little head, let the men take care of it," attitude... will get an earful from me. Happened just last night actually.

So now, five people to get this award!

Colleen over at DragonFlyInk
Leisa from Big Red Scraps
Jenny from Pinch of Paisley
Please take a moment to go and check out these wonderful blogs.
Thanks again Kathy, for thinking of me!


mopsie2002 said...

I look forward to those recipes!

I'm more of a baker, so I can always use some good cooking recipes. :)

KER said...

yay for you and your blog!


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