Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm still alive!

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No pictures to show you today but wanted to pop in to let you all know I'm still alive. I haven't been buried under a mountain of moving boxes or anything.

I've got my laptop set up to connect to the interwebz but my craft room is still a shamble. The rest of the house is starting to look like someone actually lives here, which is good. The kids are adjusting nicely, Kerowyn's even been sleeping in her own room... alone! Elora is a bit clingy but she's nearly 1 and that's normal.

This weekend... curtains go up!! Then maybe my children will sleep past the sun rising. Gah!

I'm soooo excited to have a whole room for crafting now. And the "media room" has room for two six foot folding tables once I move the couch and coffee table to the edge of the room. SCRAPPING PARTY AT MY HOUSE oh yeah! I promise to post pictures of the craft room once I have it unpacked (I haven't even anchored the shelves to the wall yet!)

Thank you everyone who has left me comments or sent messages during my move, it's really moving to know I have so many friends out there that I've never even met face-to-face. Thank you for helping me feel "connected" to the wider community!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One more while away

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I don't have internet right now! *gasp* but through the miracles of Blogger I'm able to share the last of three cards I did at Leisa's house, based on her designs. This is still the Lucky paper pack but the blue side, clearly, heh. I used Robot Power this time. And again the vertical border is the handy, dandy, Kraft Color-Ready Borders. The actual move date was pushed back to the 22nd but our phone and internet were still moved on the 17th (have you ever tried to make a last minute change to a telephone service call... haha yeah, no). That means I can check email from my phone but that's about it! I'll try not to go crazy in the last few days. Oh yeah, it also means I won't have Netflix to distract the kids while I'm packing and cleaning. *twitch* Thanks for checking in!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lucky Dragon!

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As promised here's another of the cards that started out Leisa's design and then was modified by me. I used the Lucky Paper pack, a retired sentiment stamp set and possibly my favorite stamp set of all time, Birthday Blast.

I also got to use some Kraft Color-ready borders which are so much fun. You can ink them up or leave them as-is (which I did in this card) and then it's just cut to the size you want, peel, stick. Thanks for checking in!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Moving sucks!

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I'm still here!! It's one week to the move and I'm horribly behind my self-imposed schedule. The kids really don't like things going into boxes even though they're super excited about moving to the new house.

My crafting time is pretty much nonexistant so it was a really nice break to head over to my friend Leisa's house for her spring card workshop. While there I made several cards of her own design and then changed three of them around a bit.

This is one of them, it uses the Sophia paper pack along with the Heartfelt Treasures stamp set. The sentiment reads, "the greatest treasures are t hose invisible, to the eye but found by the heart." I added some bling and then the sorbet dash ribbon which is currently in the "While Supplies Last" section of my website (74% off!!).

Thanks for checking in! I won't be posting much in the next couple weeks, but I'll try and have something new up for you to see!

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