Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Little Cleavage...

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... goes a long way... especially on a card! I found this lovely template from StampOwl's Studio. I LOVE it!

The caption reads, "your friendship is the most uplifting thing in my life without underwire!"

This one reads, "Glorious and Free".

And what's a little cleavage without a little behind!? I knew those hands and feet stickers would come in handy for more than just baby books!

The inside of this Canadian one reads, "Happy Birthday, Canada!"

Now that you've had an eyefull, let me remind you of my draw a few posts back! A chance to win a sweet stamp set or a few hand crafted cards by none other than me!

In other news, I've opened an Etsy account (link found on the right) and added a couple cards.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Keepsake Card Box

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I found this little project at InkyWings. Not bad for a first go, but I need to work on my drawer size and fit. The top of the box is only 3x3" so there's not a lot of room to write anything. The back of the drawer casing doesn't have a back either, so my loose drawer gets pushed in too far.

For this project I used paper and accessories from a Close to My Heart kit that I got at the last gathering we had. The Miracle Scrapbooking Kit is meant for making a scrapbook page, but so far I've used it for a card and this project. The sentiment and other stamps are from Stampin' Up, "Full of Life" and the "Priceless" series.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

First Ever Give-Away!

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I've never done a give-away before! After some consideration I've decided to give away the stamp set Moments in Time by Close to My Heart a $26.95 value!

As a second prize, any three cards that I've posted on my blog, hand crafted by me... value of, uh, well... I'm not sure!

So how do you enter? Well there's three ways!

1. Post a comment on this entry and you're automatically entered once!

2. For a second chance to win "Follow" my blog and comment to let me know you have! If you're already following just mention that when you post.

3. If you'd like a third chance to win, post a link to my blog on your own blog mentioning the give-away and post here to let me know.

I'm going to leave the contest open for three weeks (so I'll accept entries until July 17th until 9pm Mountain time) and the draw will be the next day.
EDIT! July 17th is way too long, what was I thinking!? The new draw date is July 10th. Please tell your friends, I'd love to see some more entrants!

Good luck and thank you for the support!!

PLEASE NOTE: I need to be able to contact you if you win!! If you have a "private" blogger profile, or you're posting anonymously, I won't be able to send you a message!! Please leave an email address or other means of getting in touch with you!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WOW WoW.com!

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Getting positive feedback is awesome... more awesome when it's not your husband or mom cause then you know there's no chance it's obligated heh. But finding out that your cards have been featured on another blog? THAT'S COOL!

My WoW Themed Cards were featured on WoW.com for their boomkiny awesomeness!

So this makes me think... I'm starting to hit the big leagues! I'm no where near some of these fantastic paper crafters who have hundreds of followers and do tutorials and have huge stores. But I'd like to be! I'm working toward becoming a demonstrator/consultant for one of the many wonderful paper crafts companies that have sucked me in (willingly and gleefully)... so now I guess it's time to work increasing my "presence" on the web.

How should I do this you say? Well... by a give-away of course! That's what all the bloggers are doing now adays! Blog Candy I think it's called yes? I shall contemplate what it is I can give-away and make a post in the near future. Keep watching! And thank you for all the awesome feedback!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Get Well Soon... with humour!

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This card was inspired by my icon! I love Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, it's a great read!

I used the stamp sets "Around the Block" and "Flower Pot" both from Close to My Heart. The ink and paper is from Stampin' Up, Not Quite Navy, Rose Red, Creamy Caramel and Boredering Blue!

To create the whale I cut a rectangle and used the corner rounder, then just manually cut the back end and hand drew the face and flipper.

The inside of the card reads: "Thinking of you... please know that I care." and is from Stampin Ups "Thoughts & Prayers" stamp set.

Edit to add a YouTube link with a relevant clip from the movie which is based on the book.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cogs - World of Warcraft

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Some more World of Warcraft cards! In the game when you hover your mouse over an object that you can interact with the cursor changes into a cog with a little arrow. You are thus notified that you can right-click on the object to interact with it!

The inside of this notecard is blank so it can be used for any occassion. This isn't a card I can mass produce though, I purchased the chipboard and found only one cog in the bunch that was big enough. I used gold embossing powder to decorate the cog and then printed the caption on white cardstock (unfortunately the only cardstock I have that's thin enough for my printer!).

The game also sports a profession called "Engineering" which is notorious for failing. Using your Gnomish Parachute Cloak when you leap off a cliff is a test of faith and often results in a painful landing. The caption on this card reads, "This card was carefully crafted by the finest of Gnomish Engineers and meets the highest standard of craftsmanship. The device has undergone rignorous testing for water proofing; bomb proofing and murloc proofing."
The card itself is actually a single sheet of cardstock so it does not "open" like traditional cards. The back of the card reads, "And it still doesn't work!"

Friday, June 11, 2010

Critchicken! - World of Warcraft

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Today's cards are my current favorite. I took the design from Colleen Hilchie (website on the side menu) and modified it from a mere owl to a creature in the game World of Warcraft... the Moonkin.
In World of Warcraft there is a character you can play called a Druid who has the ability to shapeshift into various animal forms, including the made up creature moonkin which is sort of a cross between a bear and an owl. Alliance and Horde have different moonkin appearance, so I've done two cards. The one above is the horde version.

Here's the Alliance version. I opted out of doing horns on the Horde one. I was tempted to also craft a staff to place in one feathered hand, but after seeing the card put together I decided it was too much. Maybe if I change the layout later. The Horde version is missing his feet because I need to buy the right punch for it.

Supplies used: Entirely Stampin' Up materials... the stamp set "I like your style", punches include the tag punch, hearts, circles, scallop circle, corner and when I get it the flower trio for the feet.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Saying Thanks

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Here's a rush job thank you card. I used a Close to my Heart stamp set called "Flower Pot" and pieced things together. The shutters and the lower cluster of flowers are attached with dimentional adhesive. The paper and colours are from Stampin' Up as well as the "Heartfelt" stamp (which is from a stampset called... "Heartfelt Thanks").

I'd like to extend my thanks to everyone who has come over, called or commented in some fashion on their wishes for my baby's and my own health. Thank you! It's lovely to know so many care.

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