Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Posted by Micah at 10:31 AM
Getting positive feedback is awesome... more awesome when it's not your husband or mom cause then you know there's no chance it's obligated heh. But finding out that your cards have been featured on another blog? THAT'S COOL!

My WoW Themed Cards were featured on for their boomkiny awesomeness!

So this makes me think... I'm starting to hit the big leagues! I'm no where near some of these fantastic paper crafters who have hundreds of followers and do tutorials and have huge stores. But I'd like to be! I'm working toward becoming a demonstrator/consultant for one of the many wonderful paper crafts companies that have sucked me in (willingly and gleefully)... so now I guess it's time to work increasing my "presence" on the web.

How should I do this you say? Well... by a give-away of course! That's what all the bloggers are doing now adays! Blog Candy I think it's called yes? I shall contemplate what it is I can give-away and make a post in the near future. Keep watching! And thank you for all the awesome feedback!!


Leslie said...

I came across your blog from My fiance saw it and was like you are going to love this.. I love the boomlin, although I play a mage... I will be coming back here to check out your blog. Love your crafts and creativity. =)


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