Monday, August 2, 2010

Cupcakes, yum!

Posted by Micah at 11:37 PM
July 2nd was my daughter Kerowyn's 2nd birthday. We held off on having a celebration until the end of the month when we'd be visiting grandma (my mom). Most of our friends plan or attend Canada Day events, so it made sense to hold off.

My son Koen was pretty excited (he's 3.5)... he informed me and his grandmother that we must make a birfday cake and make in lots and lots and lots of nummy. You may recall me mentioning a Sesame Street themed card I had been working on. Well, "stuff" happened and I never finished the card, but we kept the theme.

The birthday party was to be held at CrocTalk, Canada's only reptilian conservation facility. Predators, toddlers... what could POSSIBLY go wrong!? Nothing, as it turns out. But the facility isn't really equipped for food heavy birthday parties, so we opted for cupcakes. Koen helped to make them, he was so proud.

So after the kids fed the tortoise Sherman, and watched Allie the alligator get her dinner, and patted the rabbits and touched the baby crocs and held the crocodile egg... they were ready to eat Elmo and Cookie Monster. (Those are apricots for noses). Next time I do something like this I'll make the icing a bit thicker and NOT do it in 100+ degree weather at an outdoor facility. Sheesh.

Kerowyn had a blast and we made some new friends while we were visiting. And if you happen to be passing through Kelowna BC I highly recommend taking your kids, or yourselves, to the CrocTalk facility. They are almost ready to open the new facility which will have huge ponds... it all sounded very exciting.

This is the birthday girl. She wanted to eat all the eyes and leave the cupcakes. Aaaah, that's my girl!

Tips for cupcakes: use a thick home made icing, not store bought. Remember that food coloring waters down the icing and compensate. Use only half a cookie for Cookie Monster or your cupcake will fall apart. Try fuzzy peaches candy for Elmo's nose instead of apricots, what kid wants HEALTHY on a cupcake? pfft. Bulk food sales are your friend for white chips and fuzzy peaches, fewer left overs.

Had to add a video of Koen meeting a tortoise and Kerowyn meeting a baby croc.


Crafty Creations said...

Awww - happy birthday to your daughter!!
Those cupcakes look great!!!!

Debsg said...

Definitely yum!

Jenny said...

Super sweet cupcakes!

Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

Those cupcakes look yummy, she looks so sweet with that #2 on her cupcake. The videos are priceless, TFS.

Laurie said...

How adorable are those cupcakes!!!

Laura said...

AWWWWWW how cute!I love what you did with the cupcakes.Very clever

Patricia said...

The camera looks like fun. Your kids are darling, and the cupcakes looked really tasty!

Jessy said...

these are soooooo adorable!!! :-)

Diane Long said...

Hi, popped in from SCS. Love your cupcakes! and thanks for sharing about issues that are concerning to our families.

CatWoman said...

Those cupcakes look so tastey! What a cool idea for decorating them too.


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