Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Totally Not Crafting

Posted by Micah at 1:44 PM
Today has been a very sad day for me. I've read about some disturbing things (I don't suggest clicking that link unless you have a strong stomach, it involves what I feel is nothing less than "parent sanctioned" pedophilia). And I've read about some other disturbing things (involving sexism in my favorite game). And I've seen my favorite Canadian food store perpetuating fat hatred, with children no less. (I don't know how to link directly to the comment regarding the "war on childhood obesity" or I would. Edit for a direct link to their blog post.)

Between raging about poor little girls who don't have a voice and the horrible rampant "male privledge" in the gaming communities in general. Add a whole federally backed campaign that focuses on fat kids implying fat automatically means unhealthy and ignores skinny kids that are leading unhealthy lifestyles.

Well, it's nice... downright heartwarming actually... to come back to my blog and read so many awesome comments on my crafts. I know I'm an emotional wreck (meaning things "get to me" and I'll tear up over topics that I would normally be able to just get angry or happy about) but that doesn't change how awesome I feel about reading the positive things you have said to me. Thank you so much for making my "space" a positive place to come and recharge. Heck, the words I'm saying now don't do justice to the warmth I feel. Thank you isn't enough but it's all I got.

Oh and my $4.18 of natural gas usage in July turned into a $34.54 bill after fees, charges and taxes. How does that even happen?? I mean aside from using a whole gigajule of natural gas in JULY, how can the administration fee be more than my usage? and why does it cost nearly $20 to distribute $4.18 in gas to my house? Is that even legal? or ethical? Good grief.



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