Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kid tough camera

Posted by Micah at 9:42 AM

For Kerowyn's birthday we got a child friendly digital camera (both her and her older brother are starting to get obsessed with pretend picture taking, so we took it to the next level). I did some research and finally decided on the Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera.

Some of the other cameras we had looked at had video games and many, many, buttons on them. This one has five buttons. On/Off, Take-a-Picture, scan through pictures (forward and back), and delete picture. It's got both a view finder like an oldschool camera and a small LCD screen.

I like that the camera is durable and waterproof (resistant?) and that it's easy for little hands to use. I like that the battery casing and USB port are protected by a hatch that requires a screwdriver or other tool with a slim tip to get into. I like that it has two resolution settings, one that is okay for internet photos (see the shot of Kerowyn) and another that is okay for printing (as long as you only want 4x6 photos). On the lower resolution setting you can take about 500 photos. It also has an auto-off after a minute of inactivity. Battery saver!

What I don't like is that the frame rate is very low so you have to keep the camera, and the object you are snapping a photo of, very still to get a clear image. Most of the pictures the kids have taken so far look like they were shot from a car on the highway. How many toddlers and preschoolers do YOU know that have a steady hand? It's battery operated instead of chargable, another downer for me.

Overall I'm happy with the camera, though I wish I'd thought to set the camera to the higher resolution setting right away!

Now I have to finish a photo album for the kids to put their own photos on display... and think about a photo printer cause, well, I think it'll get expensive printing off low-res questionable photos.


Laurie said...

That camera looks awesome! I need three or four of those! TFS!

Just Me said...

Hi Kerowyn, I want to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me a message.
I hope you have fun using your new pink camera.

Pat (mspfd) said...

The kids are going to have so much fun taking their own pictures!


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