Sunday, August 15, 2010

A work in progress

Posted by Micah at 11:18 PM
Well, I'm still working on commission pieces... but I decided to give you all a look-see anyway.

It started out as request from a World of Warcraft player and it turned into me making a couple of templates for new card shapes (eventually these will be available for download, I'm still working out the kinks). Two shields and a mug of ale. One of the pieces I'm working on now involves one of the shield shapes.

It's still in the rough stages, but I'm happy with it so far! I even came up with a few accessories...

Round tab punch! Who knew you had it in you! Don't mind the fingerprint on my hiltless sword, I was in a rush and didn't let that nice silver embossing powder (thank you Martha) cool properly before touching it.

Here's what it would look like all assembled. Alas the card shape isn't quite big enough (or the round tab is too small) so I've decided to take the gold banner off the bottom and increase the overall size of the shield itself.

The person I was commissioned by felt the shiney ribbon wasn't right, and it's true! We figured maybe a rough leather and so I came up with this. That's Old Olive paper with Chocolate Chip and Close to Cocoa ink. I daubed the paper with the ink and then went to town on it with my bone folder. I crumpled and smoothed it a few million times, adding ink to soften the paper as I went. I think it turned out okay!

I might even get some craft time in tomorrow morning, I'm so excited!


Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

Wow Ruth great job and very creative, glad to have you back with your great cards.

Elisabeth said...

Oh my goodness this is so awesome! Love how you used the tab punch for the axe!

Jenny said...

Very creative Ruth! Great use of punches!!

sarahw said...

WOW! This is just great! I love the muted colors.

Laura said...

Ruth,this is so creative.I love it.


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