Sunday, October 31, 2010

Card Two - Father Christmas

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This is the second of four cards I'll be using for the Christmas Card Extravaganza on Nov. 14th.

The card base is Colonial White though it might not show well in that picture (again, sorry... iphone photo, camera is broken!). The image is from Father Christmas (Close to My Heart) stamped in brown stazeon, which just happens to match the chocolate ribbon from CTMH. I used stazeon in case the people at the party wanted to color the santa later on.

The patterned paper is from Magnifique and the coloured card stock is Pacifica (as is the stamped sentiment). It's hard to see but there's a few silver brads added.

I'm rather happy with the effect. It's a super simple card (the cutting only takes a minute) and still says "Christmas" without using the more traditional red and green!

With today being Hallowe'en I may not get a post out for tomorrow. I have little kids to take trick or treating!! But I promise to post photos of the cuties (even though Kerowyn is now refusing to be one of the three pigs, even after I suggested "princess pig").

Thank you for stopping in!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Card Making Party

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On November 14th I'll be participating in a Christmas Card party with Colleen from DragonFlyInk Creations. We'll each be preparing kits that include 3 each of 4 different designs (12 cards) that the folks attending put together themselves. The afternoon starts with a potluck, and finishes with the card making.

This is the first of my four designs, it uses the Tannenbaum and Peace on Earth stamp sets and the Jingle paper pack. The sentiment reads, "What if Christmas doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas means a little bit more. - The Grinch"

The party has limited space and is only for Calgary residents. If you'd like to go send me a note or comment or check out the Facebook event.

Again, pardon the picture quality, phone vs camera.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Camera is hooped

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I give up trying to fix my camera! Please excuse the quality of photos, I'm using my phone to take photos now. This is the card I was going to post in my last entry. I used CTMH "Magnifique" paper and the stamp set "Winter Wonderland" also CTMH.

I know it's still a bit early for Christmas, but this is when us card crafters make them... well in advance so we can get them made and in the mail!

On a totally unrelated note, I wanted to thank all of you for your patience as I neglect my blog. Things are starting to get back into alignment and you can expect to see more posts from me. Now that I've given up on the camera and just started using my phone, I have no excuses for not posting. Woot!

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Card, a Prize and a Winner!

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Alright, well I had a picture to upload but I'm getting some weird error when I try to move it from my camera to my computer. I'll have to post the card update later.

However, I DO have a winner from my Draw for the Cure! Not very many people entered, I was surprised! But the amazing kit, complete with everything you need (except scissors) to make three mini albums, goes to....

STARLA! 5th out of 6 comments.

Congratulations Starla! You have one week to claim your prize before I offer it to another entrant!

Here is some cuteness to appease you while I figure out my camera error!
(It was taken on my iphone, don't mind the weird shape).

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hallowe'en Friends, and a blog award!

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Today is another Hallowe'en card! This little guy (don't mind the dark photo, I took it last night under artificial light) was made with strips of paper, a corner rounder, and a lot of distressing and sponging! The sentiment is from Close to My Heart's stamp of the month, last month, called "Thriller". I added a couple pieces of hemp and pop dotted the sentiment.

The card opens bottom to top instead of left to right, it just made sense to me at the time, not sure why.

Super easy, super fast... and I think this card can be done with kids too. I made sure the strips of paper were longer than the 4.25 width of the card so that I could angle them. Then I just cut down the excess. I was not afraid to use ink on a sponge, just about anywhere. Those are googly eyes, though you could just as easily use two different size circles to make eyes.

In other news, I'm the recipient of an award! my first ever, actually! Thank you, Kari, for thinking of me. Please check out Kari's blog sometime: Pigtail's Paper Patch.

There are steps to take once you get this award. Thanking the person who gave it to you (with a link back to their blog), post it on your blog, share three things about yourself (or things you like to do) and then pass the award on to five more people.

I think it's pretty obvious to anyone who reads my blog that I love to craft and that I play World of Warcraft, so I'll go for some lesser known facts about me.

Those closer to me already know that I was in the Canadian Infantry "back in the day". I joined at the ripe old age of 17 (I had to get my guardian to sign for me!) and took my basic training right here in Alberta with the Princess Patricia.

I also love to work with youth and very much miss my volunteer job as a "Civilian Instructor" with the Canadian Cadet program. I worked with three different units (two Air Cadets and one Army Cadets). Those kids were 12-18, but the Girl Guides I've worked with were only 9-11. I miss having the time to share.

A long time dream that I've had, that very few people know about, is my dream to run a foster home. I still hope to open my home when my own children are a little older (when the youngest is 5-6) and when I actually own my home. It's important to me to feel like I'm helping children in some capacity and I have plenty of love to share!

I simply cannot pick and choose five people to forward this award to, there are just too many fabulous blogs that I follow, however I know it would be disappointing if I didn't pick five people. So I let my daughter point out five blogs from the, very large, list of those I follow and love!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hallowe'en Friends!

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This past Sunday I was at a Close to My Heart party hosted by Leisa (who just happens to be my new upline!). We did a great Hallowe'en themed page with the Hooligan paper pack. While enjoying conversation and food with friends I was playing around with one of the punches on the table and suddenly I thought... hey, this would make neat spikey hair.

The rest, as they say, is history. Things just fell into place for making this neat card. The bolts on his neck are actually the tops of the letter T from Rustic Alphabet (also from CTMH). The sentiment is from Stampin' Up's "Smarty Pants". The paper is from CTMH's "Hooligan" paper pack. The eyes and ribbon came from a friend's craft stash.

When I used the edge punch on the hair I made sure to do so before folding the card. That way when it's folded there's a bit of overlap... giving the hair body and bounce. Well maybe not bounce, but still.

If I had one of those "faces" stamp sets that the punch art people use, I might have been able to do nose and mouth, but this worked! I can see using this style for other cards too.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

PINK! Strength

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I have a really hard time working with pink. Those of you who knew me when my first daughter was born know that I really don't like pink. I've grown use to my older daughter wearing and loving pink, I've even made concessions for pink room decorations and toys. But working with pink in a craft is really... really... against the grain for me

But, it's Breast Cancer Awareness month (by the way, you should check out my draw this month, it's in support of BCAM) and so I'm determined to do several projects in pink.
This card uses Close to My Heart's "A Sip" and Stampin' Up's "Favorite Thoughts" and "Pretty Petals". The paper and ink are both Stampin' Up and the sparkles are Close to My Heart.

I adore the sentiment, absolutely adore it. The inside of the card is blank. This can be used as a "we're here to support you, stay strong" card, or simply, "I'm thinking of you as you go through this rough time". I could also be used as a, "thank you for your kind support" card.

Thank you for checking in, I'll see you often this month for more PINK!

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