Thursday, July 29, 2010

Scrap Day

Posted by Micah at 5:00 AM
I hereby dub this Scrap Day. This is the day that you work on a project with nothing but scraps. That means you can't make a card base unless it's a left over piece that just happens to be big enough!!

Last week, before I headed out of town, I was working on a kids birthday card inspired by this card made by Libby. I was surprised at just how quick and easy it was to put together the faces!

See how cute they are?! My only pain is that I don't own the 1/2 circle punch (yet) and the 3/4 inch is too big. So I had to cheat and use Alphalicious cricut cartridge and cut out 12 letter i's. Oi! I'd hit "Cut" then "stop" once it was done the dot. (Er, I cut out 12, clearly, because I was doing TWO cards with three figures... hehe). I also need a sharper hole punch cause the one I have is cutting ragged circles.

At any rate, Koen was intrigued with my project and I dug out my scrap bin. I wasn't worried about cutting 1/2 circles for HIS eyes, he doesn't care. I put adhesive on the backs (I put the black dots on myself) and let him stick down the pieces where ever he wanted.

I think he kinda looks like Sid from Ice Age! Koen had fun making a few faces, which Kerowyn then colored for him.

Tools: SU Scallop punch, SU 1-1/4 circle punch (mouth), hole punch, cricut cause I'm too cheap to have already bought the 1/2 inch circle punch.


Becky said...

OH my word!! This are just fabulicious..

Anonymous said...

Awww these are adorable! I think he looks like Sid too! LOL

Crafty Creations said...

Ha ha - these are great!!! I can't remember where I saw these recently, but I fell in love with them! Great job and Koen did a great job with his!!!

Patricia said...

These turned out super cute! I love Koen's work, too!

Patricia said...

I forgot to mention, I also love your idea of "scrap day". Goodness knows I'd have a lot to work with if I had a scrap day!

Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

How cute and creative are these? I love them and they work, besides do kids really care, they love it all. Thanks for looking in on Lucky, he looks forward to your visits. Enjoy the beach.

Abi Bundy said...

love your sid! my son recognised him straight away!

Debsg said...

These are so cute.


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