Thursday, July 15, 2010

Three kits, three choices

Posted by Micah at 8:04 AM
A while back I posted about Teresa Collin's Stampmaker machine, really cool! Since then I've done some research and found that this machine is already on the market (I'm the last to know these things far, far, too often heh). Not only that but there's three different levels of stamp making kits.

First up is the $39.95 US kit from Photocentric called StampIt which is designed for people only intending to make a few stamps. The quality is not as high as the premade stamps you'd buy at the store or from a stamping company. It's perfect for creating a family project. The process takes about 25 minutes per stamp and it uses a regular 60 watt bulb from a standard lamp.

Next up is the same machine as the TC Stampmaker, you can either get the Stampmaker Essential forr $139.99 US or the Stampmaker Complete, which comes with an inkjet printer, for $189.99 US. The printer is important since the images you print have to be super, super, dark to prevent light from going through in certain spots. These two kits are great for folks who want to make a few more stamps and want to speed up the process (5 minutes per stamp). From what I understand the quality of the stamps produced are a bit better than the StampIt kit. This option is probably best for the avid crafter planning on making stamps for personal use.

After that is the kit you'd use if you were planning on going into production for your own stamp line. The Imagebox kit goes for $379.00 US and the time to make a stamp goes back up to 25 minutes, however the quality is much higher and you can do a full sheet (8.5x11) of stamps at the same time.

Very exciting! When do I get to win the lottery?!


Christiana said...

Wow, it sure sounds cool!

Anonymous said...

so when you get one, what style, kind of stamps are you mostly interested in making? SCS (not2shabbydesigns)

Ruth said...

Hi N2SD from SCS! a friend of mine does FANTASTIC artwork and we're going to work out a deal to make stamps with her art.

I also very much want to make a couple World of Warcraft theme stamps (without infringing on Blizzard copyright of course) for myself.

Thanks for stopping by, both of you!


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