Friday, July 23, 2010

World of Warcraft: More DoTs

Posted by Micah at 5:00 AM
Last night my daughter, Elora, inspired another World of Warcraft card. You may recall the "I've Got the HoTs for You" card I did a while back. DoTs are the opposite of HoTs and her blanket was covered in them!

DoT stands for "Damage Over Time" and means a type of damage dealing spell that... well... does damage... over... time. The phrase, "more dots", is something a group leader might call out when coordinating 10 or 25 people to take out the same bad guy. (It's FUNNY because of a recording that was passed around the internet long ago that I won't link in my blog... but most Warcrafters will remember the "More Dots" clip).

DoTs are also usually fairly small amounts of damage, so the sentiment is funny... to anyone who plays a warlock at least.

All I did for this card is punch out 3 sizes of circles (3/4inch, 1-1/4inch and 2inch) from my scraps bin... essentially anything with a dot on it... and used my Creative Memories bubble punch on some of them. Then I started layering. I had some sticker letters to do the text and done! The longest process was punching out all the circles.

Since she was my inspiration (or at least her blanket was) here's a picture of my cutie. She was 2 months on the 21st! They grow up SO FAST!

She's so coy hehe.


Christiana said...

What a sweetie she is! I want to reach in an hold her.

The card's great, too.

Jenny said...

OH...what a cutie!!! Nice circle card too =)

Crafty Creations said...

Great job Ruth!! What a terrific way to use scraps and I love the dots theme!!
Thanks for your suggestions on the tiedye! I've NEVER made a tiedye shirt in my life, but I guess what you suggested would of worked perfectly!
Now I know what I can do for the next time :) :)

Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

This is great, I never really think of things like this, but it so works! What cutie, I miss those days, since mine are 19 and now offically 11. Thanks so much for all your great inspiration and comments, it sure keeps me going.

Michelle VP said...

Love all the circles you used for the background of your circle card. :) Adorable pic of your baby too. :)

mopsie2002 said...

It should totally be "MOAR DoTs"! ;)

MiamiKel said...

What a cutie! Love your card design!


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