Thursday, July 8, 2010

Information on Commissioning a Custom Piece

Posted by Micah at 10:08 AM
Recently I've had the pleasure of getting several requests for custom work! (I'll be able to post the results after the people who commissioned me give the project to the people it's intended for, don't want to risk folks seeing their presents early!)

Since this might be a recurring situation I wanted to post with details on what happens during the commission process.

Step One: you contact me and make a request. You can be as specific or as vague as you like. "I want something with flowers on it," or "I want a card orange flowers, purple polka dots on the flowers and a green background, it has to have 3 pearl accents somewhere too".

Step Two: we communicate. I tell you if your request is reasonably something I can complete or I offer suggestions on how it can be modified. We keep up this communication until either you are happy with the idea or we realize that I cannot meet your expectations.

Step Three: Assuming we've come to an agreement instead of parting ways, we discuss price. Price is based on the materials I use and the time it takes to make the craft. The more "stuff" you want on your project, the longer it will take to complete and the higher the price. A card costs less than a two page 12x12 scrapbook page. Because it's a custom commission the price is something you can control, it may mean going back to step two. That is up to you.

Step Four: With the idea and price now set I begin work on the craft. I'm happy to take photos during the process and send them along so you can see where I am... but the more often I do that the longer it takes to make the project!

Step Five: The project is complete, payment needs to be made (you are paying for shipping so I can't send it without payment!)

Step Six: Payment is made so I send the project. I will make every reasonable effort to ensure it is not damaged (for example packing a scrapbook page with a piece of cardboard to prevent accidental bending of the page, and writing "please do not bed" on the packaging) but if the mail service causes damage I cannot be held responsible.

And that's that! I always ask that I be given permission to post a picture of the finished commission on my blog to showcase my skills, but I don't do so until you've told me it's okay just in case your commission is a gift.



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