Saturday, November 13, 2010

Summer Sweets!

Posted by Micah at 7:00 AM
I know you're seeing lots of pages with pictures of my kids, but well... my kids are cute and next to them my favorite thing is scrapbooking. Photos of scrapping in a scap book seems a bit... redundant.

This page features my little diva again. She alternates between loving the camera and hating it (she actually has her own camera!). The top three photos are in sequence. She was being playfully pouty, trying to gain sympathy. Then a train ran behind Grandpa's house which startled her into running toward me. Then she was upset that we were chuckling at her, and how dare we take photos while she's less than her best.

The paper is Cherry-O with strawberry accents made with the "You're Sweet" stamp set (Kerowyn's favourite fruit). Another layout designed by my upline Leisa.


Tammy Zacharias said...

Love it Ruth/Leisa! thanks for all the creative ideas!!!
can't wait to get creative tomorrow!!

Elizabeth said...

lovely layout and your little diva is as sweet as the strawberries!

starfire said...

SOOOO cute! The layout is too :-)

I love the distressed edges and the 3 pictures at the top. It all works together very nicely!

xiumaiyuki said...

oh....your DD sounds DARLING!!! And she looks sooooooo sweet on this fabulous page. The heart berries are tooo stinkin' cute!

Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

Love your pages and layouts with your kids, they are so sweet and another great page.

Susan (peebsmama) said...

Great layout. Cute photos.

Cheryl said...

Wonderful layout! What a cutie!


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