Thursday, November 11, 2010

One last Hallowe'en post

Posted by Micah at 7:00 AM
Okay, I know Hallowe'en is over, but how can you resist such epic cuteness?!

I found a slightly better place to take photos. Alan just put in new bulbs in the kitchen and my Mother-in-Law gave me a recipe book stand a few years back. Combine the two and you can hardly tell (yeah right) that I'm using a phone for photos!

This two-page layout uses the Hooligan paper pack from Close to My Heart and was part of Leisa's monthly group. I changed mine up a bit in the decoration department, but kept the layout the same.

Once again we're using a layout from the Magic book. LOVE IT!! I can't say this often enough. This time the "magic" element is the hidden journaling (or photo) on the left page, using hinges.

The stamp set is called, "Fright Night" and I made liberal use of various Hallowe'en themed punches (bats, spiders, tree, more bats, drippy goo). I really enjoyed making this layout and I simply ADORE the photos of Kerowyn. I love how the one on the left it looks like she's going "ewwww" to the slime strip across the top of the photo!

Thanks for checking in.


Chris Dumont said...

I love the photos too.... how she has grown!

Anne Marie said...

All of the details are so great with your photos. Oh my goodness the picture where your sweet little one is looking at the "slime" is just to stinkin' cute! Love it!

My husband and I laughed out loud at your post on my blog. I love how Kerowyn came up with what to name the dog. Tell her thanks, we will certainly consider "Awan" if he ends up staying. :)

tania said...

Beautiful layout. Great design and choice of products.

Funked Up Crafts said...

Love your 2 page spread. It is epic cuteness and the colors are just perfect. tfs

Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

These are great pages, just love all the details and the bats! You little is so cute all dressed up, she has to be a good witch :) Boy her smile would just make my day, bet she lights up the room.

KER said...

awesome the details...and those pics are better than what i take with my canon

Renee said...

Love how you did this lo! Love it!!!


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