Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kids can stamp too!

Posted by Micah at 9:59 AM
A recent parcel from each Grandma prompted thank you cards, but my children insisted on crafting the cards themselves. I helped to ink stamps they picked out (from a selection mommy thought was appropriate) with colours they chose themselves. I let them place the stamp and only helped to press firmly to make sure the image took. Even the hand print was Koen's idea after he accidently put a fingerprint on one card! My kids are so creative!

Koen's second card, he really likes blue... so much that he used three different shades of it!

The inside of one of his cards, the hand print was his idea... belatedly mommy realized we should have used a lighter colour.

The cover for the above card, Koen had a lot of fun "colouring in" the blue bells with a pink marker.
Kerowyn's card, she used a lot of bright colours for the stamped images but had more fun with the markers.

Stampin' Up ink and markers used (these are non-toxic and perfectly safe for kids to use, even on skin!).



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