Friday, January 21, 2011

Embossing Day Three: Bleaching

Posted by Micah at 9:00 AM
Yes, bleaching. You can use bleach while crafting, for many purposes, but this one is one of my favorites.

A few tips before I begin. Wear clothing you don't mind getting dirty or ruined, just in case, bleach is not the same as washable inks! Also, don't work in a small windowless room, it's still BLEACH.

Not all cardstocks work well with bleaching, I suggest testing a corner of the cardstock you want to use (you can still use the other side of the paper). The best kind are the "full bleed" type cardstocks, not the "white core".

I picked three pieces from my scrap bin and, using the Heat Emboss Basics, I heat embossed my image in detail clear. You can use a color embossing powder too, the stamp I was using had a lot of tiny detail and I wanted the color of the paper to shine through.

Once the emboss dried (it doesn't take long) I used a paint brush to spread a little bit of bleach over the areas I wanted to draw attention to. I needed several coats on the baby images. Tip, if it's not going light enough, fast enough, try applying a little bit of heat with your heat tool while the bleach is still wet. Daub with a tissue to take off excess bleach if you put it on a bit thick.

I wasn't really thrilled with how these turned out, I mean, they look great but I couldn't get "into" making a card with them... so they've been added to my decorative scraps collection and may get made into something later.

Thanks for checking in!


Elizabeth said...

Fabby technique - I love the 'decorative scraps' you created. I bet they end up making stunning cards.

Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

Beautiful! Love the bleach technique, love the teal color,one of my favorites. Thanks for this! Have a great weekend.

Jackie said...

Bleaching is one of my fave techniques....I don't use it enough though! TFS your work!!!!

Renee said...

This is such a cool technique. I have used it before but it was such a long time ago. Thanks for bringing it back to the forfront of my mind!!!! Love the images!!

Anne Marie said...

This is so cool, Ruth! I have always wanted to try this technique buh have just never gotten to it...probably because I know how clumsy I am and what would most likely happen to my carpet! :) Thanks for the great tips!


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