Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Colour Experiment - Day Six

Posted by Micah at 7:00 AM
New day... same media? Today's experiment comes from two sources. The crayon technique was shared with me by Kathy over at Lucky Stamper, the "white wash" look was linked by HappyCrafter in reply to Day Two. I almost split this into two days, but since Laurie Wilson already did a wonderful tutorial for the white wash with markers, I figured I'd stick to the crayon technique.

The first part of the experiment was figuring out what crayons to use. Do you have any idea how may different types of crayons, not just brands, there are out there? Well, I own three kinds (or my kids do at least). All three are from Crayola... there's the traditional crayon, "twistables" and "washable" (which aren't really washable, by the way). I did a test with two of each colour (tried to make sure they were all the same two colours but crayons get lost, broken, eaten, et cetera).

I ended up picking the "normal" crayons, I liked how they blended the best. The twistables were a harder wax and so came up paler and harder to blend. The washables were a much softer wax and glommed all over my page (remember Day Three?) and didn't seem to blend as smoothly.

After picking my colours and stamping my image I made sure to sharpen the heck out of my crayons (the apricot is actually a washable... honestly I could only find three "normal" crayons. I used two of them and threw in the one washable. Washables do NOT sharpen well!). Then I drew a thin line around the edge of the dragon, tossing in a few dabs of blue and apricot for accents. Heres the fun part... I used a smudge stick (typically used by artists using charcoal or softer graphite pencils) and a teensy bit of baby oil and blended the colour inward. To do a true white wash I've used way too much colour, but hopefully it still looks okay.

Thanks for checking in! My next colour experiment post should be this Thursday as I've found someone to loan me some Copic markers!

PS. Today my youngest, Elora Dawn, is four months old. Have a cup'o'cute!

Don't ask where the camera is.

Stamp image from Paper Pretties.


Delia Cruz said...
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Delia Cruz said...

Oh your baby is too cute and so alert. God bless you.

Thanks for the coloring technique on this dragon. It's been really informative.

Robyn Scherzer said...

OH my, we have tons of crayons laying around our house.........must try this!

Erin said...

I just want you to know that when I started up that video and Elora did that little inhale-squeal thing, Aurora perked right up, came crawling over, and proceeded to put her grubby little hands all over Elora's face, while doing the inhale-squeal herself. :)

jimlynn said...

I just read ALL of the posts on the coloring techniques...FABULOUS!!! Thanks.

Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

Great job, see coloring with crayons really is fun :) we forget as adults. Keep up the good work, let's see what else can you color with, hmmmm..... Love your baby, oh those little baby giggles, how can you have a bad day with baby giggles. TFS.

Debsg said...

Aww cute overload. She is gorgeous.

Anne Marie said...

LOVE this technique with the crayons! Can't wait to see what you do with Copics, as I am "Copic challenged", I can use the help.:)

Your little one is adorable! Brought a big smile to my face with those giggles!

HappyCrafter said...

Very neat, I love the idea of using the crayon softly and then blending it out, I never would have thought of that! It looks great! So sorry your experiment is at an end, I've been enjoying it :-) I'm sure with more time and a few more colours you'd have figured out the Copics (btw Copics do not work well in general on SU paper...). Take care, and I'll be watching for what other fun technique challenge you start down the road :-)


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